Short Hairstyles (37)

Are you considering going short? Short hairstyles feel light and refreshing and short crops are extremely practical. A stylish short haircut can work for all ages and all hair colors. Scroll through this gallery of short hairstyles for women and girls and let the many beautiful looks surprise you!
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  • Short feathery hairstyle that barely covers the ears
  • Silky short hair with sweeping lines
  • Short silvery hair with layers and a round silhouette
  • Emo bob with rounded corners for orange hair
  • Goth bob haircut with short bangs that form an arc
  • Short hairstyle with bowl cutting, undercutting and jagged lines
  • Short blonde hair with jagged cutting lines
  • Short hairstyle with choppy haphazard cutting lines
  • Blonde jaw length bob with forward swept ends
  • Bob haircut with a longer and a shorter side
  • Razor-cut pixie for black hair with a blue color flash
  • Short hairstyle with increasing length in the crown and curls
  • Blonde razor-cut stacked bob with elongated bangs
  • Pixie cut with razor-shaped layers and a soft appeal
  • Extravagant hairstyle featuring a creative fringe with a peak
  • High-volume bob with a very tight wavy pattern
  • Short two-stage haircut for platinum blonde hair
  • Unique hairstyle with a sleek top and textured length
  • Strong angular haircut with a tapered nape
  • Dual-level haircut that combines two lengths of a bowl cut
  • Jaw level bob cut with short bangs for brown hair
  • Colorful pixie cut with streaks and tapered layers
  • Chin length bob with undercutting and an oval shape
  • Short haircut with a wild and choppy appeal
  • Short haircut with longer strands along the sides and in the nape
  • Airy short hairstyle with layers and bangs
  • Short blonde hair with curls and airy volume
  • Sporty short hairstyle with blonde curls and long bangs
  • Pixie cut with sleek sides and a curly crown
  • more short hairstyles

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