Furry by BIBA Creative Team

Styles for furry hair
Drama. Impact. Edge. These are the key elements of the collection by BIBA Creative Team Australia called "Furry".
The group of hairstyles imitates in many ways the different textures and finishes of "fur" found within the animal kingdom. And given that our own hair is a genetic ancestor to the aforementioned fur, we can see how the comparison might apply.
From smooth and sleek, to stiff and spiny, to soft and fuzzy, these looks are all one of a kind.

Razor-Cut Bob

Blonde bob with razor cutting
Here we have a razor-cut, stacked bob with an elongated fringe. The pale blonde is dual-toned with a complement layer of dark blonde in the interior and at the nape section.
The ends of the hair are steeply textured to create a wispy, soft frill along the perimeter. The ends of the hair are styled forward to create a gentle sweep reminiscent of the look of long-haired animals of the soft and cuddly variety.

Dramatic Pixie Cut

Dramatic blonde pixie slick straight sides
Pale, platinum blonde sets the color palette for this elongated pixie cut style. The layers are shaped using a razor and the ends are deeply textured to create these soft, structured locks.
With the dual styling - smoothed down on the sides, crown and back, and a dramatic mane standing up along the top of the head - the look counterpoints the finishes of each technique.
The slick straight sides and back convert to a riot of structure and texture as the hair's stand out. The effect, which is dramatic, is also relatively equine.

Creative Fringe

Creative haircut with the bangs cut into a peak
Here's another two-textured style, combining sleek, hard-edged sections with fluffed-out fuzzy sides and back. The warm, toasted cinnamon color offers a rich medium in which this look is sculpted.
The basic bob cut is enhanced with beveled layering around the sides and back, and the fringe is cut in a creative fashion to form a symmetrical peak above the bridge of the nose with inverse points at the corners of the face.
The ends are textured with a razor, and the styling creates maximum volume along the sides. The result is a haircut that calls to mind the shaggy, leonine mane of many great cats.

High-volume Bob

High volume bob
Here is another bob cut. This time the fringe is cut with a horizontal line and the texturing is kept minimal. The styling creates the look in this instance. The hair is high-volume with a tight, wavy pattern.
This can be the result of scrunching to enhance a natural wave, or crafted using braiding or a crimping tool. The look of the hair calls to mind the shaggy, wavy texture of many textile wools harvested from animals.

Two-Stage Hairstyle

Short two-stage haircut with a dramatic effect
Here's a platinum-hued two-stage style that features a cleanly-shaped undercut that follows a traditional shape along the perimeter of the head. The fringe is horizontal, and the hair is edged around the ears and follows a curved line in the nape of the neck.
The surface layers of the hair are kept longer and textured with a razor tool to create a see-thru veil over the neatly-lined edges below. The hair is styled to be straight and sleek forming the look of spiny quills. This makes for a dramatic effect that will draw the attention of all around.

Idiosyncratic Look

Blonde hair cut and styled for an idiosyncratic look
Our final look in the "Furry" collection brings us an intense hairstyle comprised of a shorter forward and side portion with dramatic length along the nape section that is styled into a shawl of high volume, wavy-textured hair.
The top portion is sleekly-styled and smooth with a gently curved fringe and tapered edges on the sides to frame the face. The look overall is idiosyncratic and gives versatility and playfulness to the style.
Hair: BIBA Creative Team Australia