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Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 12-13

Hairstyles with warm hair colors
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It is time to cozy up again. Soft sweaters and scarves are coming out of the closet again, and you might just be in the mood for a new hairstyle. Top Model Coiffure's vision of a hairtastic fall and winter includes warm, radiant hair colors, intense textures and soft shapes with fluffy volume.
The five looks presented in this collection are a perfectly balanced mix of femininity, edgy chic and casual elegance with a hint of flamboyance. Asymmetry is used to spice things up even more and the key element of every hairstyle is the fringe which comes in different lengths and shapes, but always as the star.

Short and Long Asymmetry

Asymmetrical bob with one short and one longer side
Flattering short hairstyle
Sassy as can be, this asymmetrical wonder cut will warm up even the most unfriendly days. The shape has an edgy spirit, but its shape is flattering and round with a lot of fine texture framing the face. From a slightly off center pivot point on the crown the hair is layered strongly on one side, while kept longer on the other.
The result is a unique and harmonious combination of a textured bob and a spunky short haircut. A smooth red hair color will keep your cheeks radiant all through the season and will keep those compliments coming. See, you can have it all!

Thick Bangs

Short rounded haircut with thick bangs
Besides red colors a second trend of the season are thick and expressive bangs. Here they are part of a short rounded haircut, which is entirely created with a razor. This cutting technique adds a very specific texture to the hair that cannot be achieved with regular scissors. The emphasis is on a flowing beautifully rounded shape and exquisite volume.
A neat outline frames the face, but to keep things sexy and interesting the hair is gently tousled. The fringe ends just above the eyebrows to keep her gaze unobstructed and her face the center of attention. A warm golden brown is a timeless and always beautiful hair color.

Moving Hair

Short hairstyle with the bangs curved across the forehead
Short hairstyle with volume and trendy movement
Get ready for festive moments with a feminine and stylish look in an elegant color. The short layered haircut is all about trendy movement and flattering volume. With a side part, the bangs are beautifully asymmetrical and fall in a low curve across her forehead. The sides are wispy, and the all around texture keeps the shape and the lines soft and alluring.
This look can be styled in an exciting variety of ways to give you the freedom to explore new hairstyles as often as you want. And whatever you do, the highlights, as subtle as they are, help to enhance the movement and even add visually to the dimension and volume of the style.

Ethereal Blonde Bob

Medium long platinum blonde bob
Let the magic begin and celebrate the season with an angelic hair color and perhaps the most seductive hairstyle of the year. This stunning medium long look has the best of all worlds. It is based on the classic favorite, the bob, added texture and movement make it trendy and irresistible and the platinum blonde color is just out of this world.
It is styled in a mussed and deconstructed fashion and will turn you into a goddess whether you are wearing the little black dress or a thick knitted sweater.

Braided to the Side

Blonde crimped hair with a side braid
Long hair styled into a side braid
This is not your regular peasant braid. This attractive siren is far removed from all of the old rustic looks and takes the braid to new horizons.
What better thing can happen to long hair than to be crimped on top to create the wavy and mischievously unruly volume and then to be gathered in a beautiful side braid... By the way, a very elegant trick to upgrade any braid is to wrap the elastic with a strand of hair!
Hairstyles: Top Model Coiffure
Photography: Isshogai
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