Short and Very Short Women's Haircuts (38)

A short haircut can be stunningly beautiful and at the same time playful, daring and classy. Many women are happy after taking the decision to go short and don’t regret it at all. Do you feel like cutting your hair short or very short? Check out these modern short haircuts and consult with your hairdresser!
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  • Timeless out of the face hairdo with curls
  • Playful short haircut with long bangs and a smooth shape
  • Short high fashion hairstyle for the office
  • Extravagant hairstyle with a lava red hair color
  • Short bob with a rounded frame around the face
  • Curly hairstyle with a curved oval shape
  • Short charleston era bob with vintage finger waves
  • Pixie cut with feathery sections and controlled chaos
  • Blonde face hugging bob with curved bangs
  • Short black hair with precise cutting lines and a round silhouette
  • Female punk hairstyle with very short bangs and pointy sideburns
  • Pixie cut with buzz cut sides
  • Long pixie haircut with ruffled styling
  • Short hairstyle with dynamic hair colors
  • Short haircut with slithered ends
  • Short hairstyle with hair that scatters thinly over the ears
  • Hair that was cut halfway over the ears
  • 1970s Toni Tennille hairstyle with hair that encases the face
  • Sleek and shiny just under the ears bob
  • Audrey Hepburn pixie cut with short bangs
  • Flat top haircut with shaved sides and neck for women
  • Short hairstyle that covers the eyebrows for red hair
  • Combination of two haircuts into one
  • Bob for purple hair with streaks of blonde
  • Just under the ears bob for blonde hair with blue streaks
  • Short brown hair with green streaks
  • Platinum blonde hair with a splash of strawberry red
  • Blonde hair cut into a helmet shape
  • Sleek pixie cut with wet look styling
  • more short hairstyles

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