Gandini Club - Spring Summer 08

Short haircuts with pronounced bangs
Short is the name of the game for Gandini's vision of summer hairstyles. All looks have the sophisticated Gandini edge and the signature movement.
Structures and colors share the limelight with pronounced bangs this season. Bangs come as short textured crops or long, silky veils that only reveal a part of the face. In all cases they are one of the key elements of the look.
Curly or straight, the hair has an ethereal shine and glowing colors of a natural palette. Rich browns and warm blond tones interact in smooth transitions. Copper and deep chocolate tones reflect the summer sun in the most appealing hues.

Chin Length Bob

Blonde undercut chin length bob
Smooth roundness reminds of an opening flower bud. This chin length bob was undercut to support to oval shape and to keep most of the volume in the upper third. The gentle transition of the vanilla blonde in front to the warm woodsy color of the rest of the hair shows the skill of a master colorist and bathes the face in a soft, radiant light.

Wild Short Haircut

Choppy and wild short hairdo
This fun look follows the same lines as the previous cut with a side partition that is anchored high on the crown and the hair falling around the head in a mild swirling motion. Instead of smooth the texture here is choppy and wild, most likely cut with a razorblade.
The main volume is on the top half and close to the head, while long tendrils loosen up the general oval shape and bring a bit of feisty into fashion.

Short Bangs

Short haircut with short bangs
The short bangs of this enchanting look brighten up the face and allow for interesting make-up choices to shine. The hair has been cut to one length around the head, except for a few longer strands in the nape and two narrow sections of almost chin length that accentuate the sides of the face.
The hair is styled to flow towards the front and in a swirl on the crown, which comes out even more through the glossy quality of the hazelnut color.

Layers with Motion

Short haircut with layers for motion
These layers are in motion, Baby! Instead of just ruffling the hair to create a wild look, this style goes up a couple of levels and gives the hair a floating and airy direction around the head.
The short hair is cut to uniform length with the center of the storm high on the crown. This much action does not need a bold color and is most flattering in this warm, golden brown tone.

Curls for Short hair

Fashionable short hair with light curls
Feeling top heavy? With the right curls high volume is airy, light and super sexy. The secret to these luscious locks is their generous size and definition. Even more pronounced with shiny highlights the mass of curls has much definition, depth and luster. Styled to a round contour it is ultimately fashionable and flattering.

Sporty Curls

Sporty short blonde hair with curls
Curls can be sporty, especially when styled to a fluffed up ring around the head with a casual appeal. These curls are a touch more relaxed than in the previous picture, but still have incredible bounce.
The bangs are long and alluring, the volume is strongest on mid level of the head. Sun kissed blonde is one of the great summer colors and easy to achieve with well placed highlights.

Short Playful Haircut

Playful short hairstyle with smooth layers
Modern Tinkerbells have finesse and a great haircut. If you don't mind being the center of attention and would like to show off your playful and daring side, this asymmetric fringy creation will boost your image.
Long bangs, sides and nape stream out of shorter, smooth layers that spread their coppery flame in a round and smooth shape.

Glamour Look for the Office

Female office look hair with short sides and neck
Glamour does not have to stop at the office door. Bring an extra dose of high fashion to the meeting room and still look great for cocktail time after work. This smooth hairstyle features short sides and neck and lets it all out in the bangs. They are long, silky, swept to the side and showcase an amazing blending technique from the gentle beach blonde to the nutmeg body of the hair.
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