Hair Netting

Extensions with hair netting
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Q: What is hair netting and what is it good for?
A: Hair netting has some different meanings depending on the context in which it is used.
Traditionally, hair netting was a "net" of fine, elastic-fiber threads that was used to secure and confine the hair of individuals working in various service fields - especially food service. It kept loose hairs from falling into the food or other necessarily sanitary situations.
Hair netting has also referred to "fashion hair accessories" that function the same way, but are intended to be visible and provide a "fashionable flair" to the hair. These have included metallic-thread coifs worn over elaborate towers of curls and net "pouches" used to hold long hair up at the nape of the neck (these were called snoods).
Finally, the act of hair weaving has implemented the use of hair netting in attaching wefts of extension hair to the scalp. This process allows the natural hair to be braided against the scalp, and a net cap placed over the braided hair. To this, the stylist attaches the wefts of extension hair by stitching the weave to the net cap. This has the benefit of protecting the natural hair, while providing a more secure and more easily maintained means of attaching the extension hair.
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