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Tape Hair Extensions

Q: I want to get hair extensions, but do not want my hair getting ruined. I heard about this new method - the tape-ex. It's where they tape it on to your hair. Can you tell me a bit more about it and how much it costs? Thank you. I greatly appreciate it.
A: The Tape Hair Extension method is available through many different manufacturers, and therefore the prices vary somewhat. You may see the process listed as “Seamless Extension” and “Easy Hair Extensions”. The hair used is a weft of ‘see-thru polyurethane skin’ and can be purchased in pre-taped and un-taped varieties.
Balmain tape hair extensions

The Tape Extensions are flexible and can be attached for temporary or long-term wear, simply by adding a few steps into the process. As with many extension services the cost of the products and full-services vary.
A “Starter Kit” with everything you need but the hair can be found for around $100 (U.S. Dollars) and the hair wefts used vary with the quality of hair from which they are made. This doesn’t account for salon mark-up and the time spent by the stylist performing the attachments.
Based on general listings, current rates for the “Tape Extensions” will run you between $250 and $500 (U.S. Dollars) or more depending on the manufacturer and kind of hair used for your extensions.
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