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Hair Extensions Applied Using a Laser

Q: I am thinking of having hair extensions. I live in Cyprus and the salon that I have found that does them applies them using a laser. Is this usual and would you recommend it? I have been told that they will last for at least 6 months.
A: I have personally not heard of the method of attaching hair extensions using a laser, although I suppose it is an evolution of the fusion extensions method that has become popular in the last decade here in the States. I have not even been successful in finding anything referencing this technique in my research sources.
Because of this I cannot recommend or speak ill of the procedure. However, it is common sense and good practice to learn everything you can about a new process before you have it done, especially one that is intended to be such a long lasting process.
Visit the salon and ask them to explain the process to you. Ask the stylist who will be performing the technique how long he or she has been doing this particular process and if you can see some samples of his/her work. You should also ask for references from the stylists clients who have had the process and speak with them about how they liked the results and whether the results were as promised.
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