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Curly Hair and Straight Extensions

Q: I was wondering if I would be able to get hair extensions. My hair is curly, but I straighten it a lot. When it is straight it's just past my shoulders. Would I be able to get straight hair extensions? And would I be able to get them to come down to the centre of my back, approx.? I was also wondering how much this would cost and what ages do you recommend this procedure to?
A: Unless you are planning to get your hair straightened with a "permanent" straightening service, such as thio straightening, or the Japanese Thermal Reconditioning, you may have difficulty in managing your hair with the extensions in place, since you would have some hair that is curly and some that is straight. Straightening your natural hair beforehand will make dealing with your hair and extensions much easier.
Regardless of whether you straighten the hair before getting extensions or not, you will need to straighten your natural hair in order to prevent an awkward look. This could mean straightening the hair daily using a flat iron once the extensions in place, which could work well, depending on the type of extensions you have in place. You should discuss the particular needs of each type of extension hair with the professional who will be applying the extensions BEFORE having them applied.
The cost of having hair extensions typically depends on three things: the type of extension process, the type of hair used for the extensions, and the number of extensions applied to the hair. There are three common methods for applying hair extensions: track and sew, bonding, and fusion. The track and sew method involves braiding horizontal tracks into the natural hair against the scalp and then sewing wefts of hair extensions onto the tracks. Bonding is a method that involves using an adhesive to attach a weft of hair at the scalp onto the natural hair. Fusion is a method of attaching hair extensions singly or in small clusters to single or small clusters of the natural hair strands.
There are also new methods of hair extensions that are gaining in popularity. There is also a new "ring method" that uses the same principle as the bonding method, except instead of using an adhesive to attach the weft of hair, the weft has small metal rings through which small clusters of hair are threaded and then the rings are crimped onto the hair to hold the weft in place.
Hair extensions are safe for younger girls, but I advise always waiting until the girl is old enough to be responsible for taking care of her hair properly. As always, discuss the recommendations on age with the professional who will perform a particular process for you.
The costs for extensions can range from under $200 (for bonded wefts) to over $2000 (for full-head fusion extensions). The price will vary based on the materials used. Extension hair can cost as much as $60-70 or more per ounce for the highest quality of human hair.
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