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Hair Extensions Loss

Q: I just received hair extensions 5 days ago (they were bonded with the heating tool and my stylist used real hair). I've already lost 5 strands and am getting worried. I am using the brush that came with the kit and am wearing my hair in a ponytail at night like is recommended. I understand it's normal to lose strands as your hair naturally falls out but 5 in one week sounds like a lot. What is the approximate estimate, if there is one, of how many strands you lose per week? The extensions I received are to last over 6 months, but at this rate I am not so sure.
hair extensions loss A: First of all, your stylist should have given you a finite number of "acceptable losses" and a time frame in which this should happen. Since he/she apparently didn't do so, you will want to go back to him/her with your concerns. (My personal opinion is this: 5 strands lost in 5 days is excessive.)
However, your stylist is going to be the one who needs to check the bonds of the remaining extensions. If you are concerned that the stylist may have made errors in the application process, you may want to speak directly with the salon manager or go to another salon for an evaluation of the application. You will also want to speak to the salon manager or go to another salon (for an evaluation) if the stylist refuses to accept any responsibility for the issues you are experiencing.
Of course all this is provided that you have indeed been following the care instructions carefully. The odds are that your stylist is not going to allow you to be unhappy with a service that I'm sure was expensive. He/she is in business to make money and keeping a client happy is the only way to have longevity in this business. Try to be non-confrontational and I'm sure you will be able to work things out to your satisfaction.
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