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Hair Extensions Came Out

Q: I'm a stylist in a salon and our receptionist had extensions that were attached with a single French braid and glue (not sewn in). She was told not to shampoo her hair. Knowing how important a clean scalp is I did shampoo her hair using warm water and being extremely careful around her tracks. Her extensions came out anyway. Why would extensions be placed on a head if they could not be washed? Also, what is the point of a single braid? I had extensions before and was corn-rowed all over my head. Any answers I can pass onto her would be greatly appreciated.
A: While I have heard of extensions being applied to a single French braid in order to give the illusion of added length in the tail of the braid, I have never heard of the need to use glue in this method at all.
To be perfectly honest, the only reason I can imagine for what you've described is that the stylist in question was inexperienced or otherwise ill-qualified, or perhaps was trying to fake it, and make more money with the pretense that it was a true bonded extensions process.
Bonded extensions (those applied using glue) are generally not intended to be long-wearing, and are most likely only viable until the hair is shampooed next. However, if the extension was woven into a French braid, the adhesive would seem unnecessary unless the intent was to be able to charge additionally for a "bonded extensions" service.
I think the correct person to ask about this would be the stylist who performed the service. Personally, I would be curious to hear what he/she had to say about the situation.
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