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Remove Canola Oil

Q: I put canola oil in my hair to remove extensions. Now my hair will not let go of the oil! I've washed it many times. What can I do to get it out? Some of the glue is still in there, too. It's stickier than ever and goopy!
A: As for removing the remaining glue, I recommend that you use the methods prescribed by whoever placed the extensions for you. Since I don't know what method, or adhesives were used I can't really give any accurate advice on removing the glue. If the canola oil was recommended to remove the hair extensions and adhesive, then I suggest you use whatever additional oil is necessary to get rid of the glue first then work to remove the oil.
Now, for removing the oil, you should look for a good astringent (such as Witch Hazel or a mixture of - cup lemon juice and 1-cup cool water) and use this to help cut through the oil on your hair and scalp, or use a good clarifying shampoo (available at your local beauty supply shop). In a pinch, you can use a small amount of degreasing dish liquid combined with your favorite shampoo. Apply the mixture, work it into lather and then leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Afterward, follow this immediately with a good conditioner and leave it in place for at least 5 minutes before using cool water to rinse the hair.
Once the hair has been conditioned and rinsed, you can use a smoothing serum (these are silicone based) to help detangle the hair and comb it out. The clarifying/degreasing process may take a couple of applications, but should give you the results you want.
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