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Hair Gathers Up

Q: I'm hoping you can help me. I was told that I bought very good hair extensions, but my problem is, I can't wear my hair down because it gathers up on me, so it looks like a rats nest. I comb it out constantly, so consequently I wear it in a ponytail, but that even gathers up. I'm using good products on my hair. I'm buying the products from the store I bought the extensions at and they are supposedly made for hair extensions. I'm also using Bumble and Bumble. Do you have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your reply.
A: Being honest, without knowing exactly what kind of hair extensions you have had put into your hair (both the type of extensions and the brand) I cannot possibly make any judgment as to the level of quality of these materials. I will simply have to rely on the estimation you have presented and assume that you are quoting someone who does have professional experience with hair extensions and was not responsible for selling you the extensions or installing them.
I also need to know what type of extension method was used for your extensions. Are your extensions applied in wefts, or are they loose? Are they applied using the track and sew method, bonded with adhesive, or are they fusion extensions?
That being said, there is also the issue of exactly which products you are using. Whether they are made for hair extensions or not is important, but secondary to knowing specific types of products. You mention Bumble and Bumble as a brand name, but you don't specify which of the scores of Bumble and Bumble products you are using.
My strongest recommendation is that you return to the salon where you had your extensions installed and explain the problems you are having. Your stylist should be able to recommend some sort of anti-frizz or smoothing serum which will help to keep the extensions smooth and tangle-free.
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