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Bee Wax Based Hair Glue

Q: Hi, I've heard that there's a bee wax based hair glue for hair fusion that is highly heat resistant. The problem is that I get hot very easily so the moisture and heat loosens my silicon adhesives on my hair fusion. Do you know which glue type this is or any like this?
A: I've done a little research and found several references to fusion bonding extensions using natural ingredients in the adhesive - including beeswax. Most of these seem to be used in pre-glued extensions (such as those by Lord and Cliff) and in independent salons (both throughout the US and the UK). Some independent companies have beeswax-based adhesive options (such as Racoon Hair Products) but I have had difficulty locating a retail outlet for these products.
Your best bet will be to speak with the stylist who performed your extensions and ask about your options to using the silicon adhesives. He or she may be able to obtain the beeswax adhesives (or another option to the silicon) from his or her supplier. At the very least, he or she should be made aware of the problem you are experiencing. Remember that the stylist wants you to have the best possible results from your hair extensions as your hair is a reflection of his or her handiwork.
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