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Flat-Ironing Weave Hair

Q: What is the best type of product to apply to a weave to avoid drying it out when you flat iron?
A: It's important to know what kind of hair is used in the weave in order to answer this question. The majority of weave hair sold is listed as "natural hair" although it is not human hair. Most of these weaves are made from yak hair because the hair is similar in texture and structure to human hair, is abundant and can be made inexpensively.
You may also find weaves made from synthetic fibers which have different care needs. Here are some basic guidelines for each type:
Natural HUMAN Hair Weave: Treat this type of weave even better than you treat your own hair. It is after all the same, but doesn't have the benefit of being attached to a living hair follicle and cannot be "regrown" if it is damaged. Use good conditioning habits, and use protective products, such as leave-in conditioners and smoothing serums to keep the hair healthy-looking and shiny.
When flat-iron styling (or with any heat styling appliance) be sure to use caution and always test the appliance to ensure that the hair isn't going to be burned. Human hair weaves can withstand heat at the same levels as your natural hair.
Natural YAK Hair Weave: These are typically less expensive than human hair weaves, but have much of the same needs. Keep them well-conditioned and use smoothing serums to keep the hair in good condition. Yak hair weaves may need more conditioning and care.
Flat-ironing these weaves may require using more heat than human hair in order to get it smooth. Be sure to test the weave carefully before you risk burning it.
Synthetic Hair Weave: These weaves are very easy to care for and generally need only a gentle shampooing to keep them clean and a light conditioner to basically lubricate them for combing out.
Always use very low heat when flat-ironing these weaves, as they can be damaged easily.
As for general care for a weave prior to flat-iron styling (for natural hair only - human or yak) simply use a good leave-in conditioner prior to flat-ironing and make certain that the hair is fully dried prior to applying the hair to the hair. If you do these two things, you will prevent damage and have healthy-looking weaves.
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