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Thermofiber Hair Extensions

Q: What are thermofibre (or thermofiber) hair extensions? Are they better quality than human hair extensions and can I color, curl or straighten them?
A: Thermofiber is a heat-resistant, man-made fiber that is used to create synthetic hair extensions at a fraction of the cost of human hair extensions. They are considered to be a realistic compromise, as they can be curled or straightened (as long as the heat is kept below 200 degrees) with regular styling irons. Always test your irons on a sample of the extension fiber first in order to avoid ruining the extensions.
The thermofiber extension can even be colored, but NOT lightened. If you need a specific shade, it's advised that you select a color lighter than the one you need and you can darken it as desired. It should be noted, however, that the color results can't be guaranteed, since the extensions are NOT real hair, and may respond differently to different types of hair dye.
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