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Hair Feeling Thinner After Extensions

Q: I've always had lots of hair, but since I took out the hair extensions I had in my hair for a week, it feels a lot thinner. Could it be that after having extensions (glued) I got used to having thicker hair, or have I really damaged my hair? Does it grow back?
A: You could have grown used to the thicker hair feel of the extensions, your hair extensions may have damaged the hair, or it could be a combination of both factors. The good news is that it will grow back, although you will have to wait to see a return of your formerly thick locks.
You may want to re-evaluate the type of extensions you are having applied. There are new extension types that are secured using small metallic rings that attach to thin locks of hair at spaces along the weft of the extension. These extensions are less damaging to the hair because they actually attach to less of the hair than with traditional track and sew, or bonding (glue) methods. The new method does require that the hair be a certain length to be effectively used, but the benefit is worth considering if your hair is suited to the method.
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