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Color Hair Extensions

Q: I am looking at getting Icy Hair Extensions. I just read on the website that you cannot color the hair. I have grey on the roots. What happens if the dye drips onto the hair?
A: The hair used in the extensions has already been heavily processed to create uniformity in color, texture and wave pattern (making sure all the hair is straight). Depending on the processes and chemicals used to accomplish this you could have a number of potential results.
If the extensions were colored using a metallic dye or straightened using a sodium hydroxide compound, getting haircolor on them can result in the destruction of the peptide bonds of the hair. This will cause the hair to become mushy and fall off at the point of damage.
Even without this drastic result, the already processed hair extensions may be damaged by stronger formulations of hair color. The extension hair may swell, and become dry and brittle if exposed to additional haircolor products. This can lead to hair breakage and a frizzy look.
Even the best case scenario in which there is no or very minimal damage to the hair will mean you could end up with some visible discoloration where the dye drips onto the hair extensions. This is a problem because it cannot be corrected or balanced without further exposing the extensions to the haircolor chemicals.
Your best bet is to have your hair color retouched before getting the extensions applied. Then when the time comes next for a color retouch, you will have that much more of a buffer zone for additional retouching. I also recommend that since you will have to see a trained professional to have the extensions put into your hair, you return to that stylist for your color retouch as he/she will know best how to perform the color retouching without risking damage to your extensions.
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