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Cheapest Human Hair Extensions

Q: What type of hair extensions are the cheapest but are human hair?
A: The price for hair extensions varies widely based on a number of factors: the type of extension, the length of the extension, the source of the hair, and manufacturer.
By type of extension, I mean whether the hair is loose, for use in fusion bonding, gathered in fusion or bonding clusters, or sewn into wefts for bonding or weaving into the natural hair. The quality of the wefts or the clusters can vary by manufacturer, and based on the source of the hair.
Human hair is always the best type of extension hair, but is often harvested from a number of sources, and collected in different ways. The best hair to be had is Virgin European Hair that has been cut from the scalp and kept so that the hairs are all aligned in the same direction. This can be found in any of the colors found in nature, as it has never been chemically processed in any way. Because of this it is the most expensive hair available.
Next is the hair classified as "European Quality" hair. This isn't European hair, but it is the most like European hair harvested from Indian and Asian heads. Because there is much more Asian and Indian hair available on the market, this hair is usually less expensive.
Then you have the Asian/Indian hair most readily available on the market today. This hair is always dark/black and must be chemically treated to give you the colors you desire. In the best cases, the hair is gathered from the scalp so that the hairs remain in the same direction. This means that the cuticle will be intact, but is more expensive because of the care taken to maintain the cuticle. Sometimes the hair is gathered without regard to the direction of the cuticle on the hair (harvested haphazardly or gathered from brushes and combs), and must be further treated to remove the cuticle layer. This greatly weakens the hair, but because of the speed and ease of harvesting, the hair is often less expensive.
The length of the hair extension is a major factor in cost, since it takes time to grow hair. For example, when extensions are available in 8", 12", 18", and 22" lengths you can estimate that it took 2 months per inch to grow the extension hair. That means that it takes approximately three times as long to grow a 22" extension as it takes to grow an 8" extension, or looking at it another way, you can get nearly three 8" extensions in the same length of time as you get one 22" extension. The prices will reflect the length of time needed to grow the extension.
Finally, the manufacturer of the Hair Extensions often plays a large role in determining the cost of the extensions. Sometimes it's a matter of paying for the reputation of the manufacturer, sometimes it is a matter of actual quality.
If you are looking to find the best-quality, least-expensive human hair extensions, your best tactic is to look for the human hair extensions that are available in the lengths you want. Look then for the price range you can afford in the length you need. Once you see what brands are available in the length you want, then you should ask people who have used these brands for their opinion of the quality and durability.
I realize that you were hoping for a specific brand/product recommendation, but in order to remain objective, we at try to maintain a level of objectivity and therefore don't offer any product or manufacturer endorsements.
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