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Hair Extensions and Hair Growth

Q: When you have extensions, does your hair still grow?
A: Yes, of course. Even the most fully integrated extension adhesion process only attaches the extension hair "above" the scalp's surface. The root of the hair and the follicle are unchanged, and as this is where the growth of the hair takes place, the growth continues unimpeded. If, as a result of any extension service, the hair ceased to grow, then something is seriously amiss.
However, the continued growth of the hair is one of the reasons that extension services have to be maintained so regularly. Since the extension hairs are attached at a point along the length of the existing hair near the scalp, the continued growth of the hair means that the connection point of the extensions is continually getting further and further from the scalp.
Depending on the texture of the extensions and the purpose they were meant to serve (such as adding volume and fullness, or adding length) having the extensions get further from the scalp can become more and more noticeable.
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