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Visible Hair Extensions

Q: My hair is pretty short, its like 1 inch below my shoulders. I have long hair extensions that I try to wear, however it is completely obvious that I’m wearing hair extensions. You can see where my real hair ends very clearly. My real hair tips are extremely visible. My hair is really thin as it is now so I don’t know if hair extensions work on me because my hair is still too thin or if it’s just how they cut my hair. Please help. I need to wear hair extensions. I can’t stand my short hair.
A: The success of hair extensions often lies in the cut of your own hair. You will have to have your hair cut into a layered style, to disguise the line where your own hair ends and where the extensions begin, to create a blended effect. This means that you will have to have your top layers cut shorter, but you won’t necessarily lose length on your own hair. The goal is to layer the hair in such a way that it disguises that line that you talk about, where your own hair ends and your extensions are visible. Also, you will need to have your extensions layered a bit as well.
The problem with thin hair is that it looks unnatural with thick extensions sticking out at the bottom of your own thinner hair. Thus, by thinning out your extensions a bit, it will be much harder or near-impossible to see where your own hair ends and the extensions start.
Take your extensions with to your stylist and explain to her/him what you are struggling with and what you want to achieve. He/she will then either first cut your own hair into a more layered cut, put the extensions in and then layer the extensions into shape, or the stylist will insert the extensions from the beginning and cut your hair into style right-off. This is up to the stylist’s personal preference.
Also make sure that the color of your own hair matches the color of your extensions. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to get rid of that line with cutting only. You can then either color your hair accordingly, or buy extensions that match your hair perfectly. Ask the stylist to help you with this as well.
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