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Q: I want to know the best extensions to get. Like, what is the better method to use: the weave or fusion, or if there are any others, which one is the best?
A: Each of the base methods of extension application has its own pro and con list which recommends it for different individuals. The results are slightly different based on the method chosen, and it really all depends on a few important factors:
1. Your budget
2. Your willingness/ability to care for the extensions
3. Your desired results
The budget is a big factor, since the cost of the different extension methods can vary dramatically. The “track and sew” and “bonding” methods where a weave of hair is attached to the natural hair can be dramatically less costly than your average “fusion” extension service.
You might find a salon to give you a set of sewn in extensions for around $150, where a full head of fusion extensions can run you in excess of $1,000 at other salons.
The actual cost of the services varies depending on where you live and from salon to salon, so you MUST do your homework. Aside from the basic fluctuation of cost from salon to salon and area to area, there’s the factor of the quality of extension hair being used.
All of the extension methods are going to require some adjustment to your hair care routine in some form, and you will want to discuss with the stylist in advance what special care must be taken (and what products you will be required to use) for the particular extensions they offer. Many salons require that you use ONLY the products they recommend or they will not warranty the extensions.
This means that unless you buy the hair care products they want you to buy, they won’t stand behind the extensions and if you have problems they will refuse to correct the issue even though you may feel it was operator error that caused the problem. In some cases, the added products that are required can be an addition of $50-75 to the cost of the service. You may also be required to come in for “maintenance” sessions which should be factored into the overall cost of maintaining the extension type you choose.
Finally, the results you want are a major consideration, because if you only want to have a “long-hair look” for a special event, you could simply get a “wrap-on” hairpiece extension and do a “long ponytail” style for a few dollars and have it done (and later, removed) within minutes.
If you just want to add some fullness and volume to your hair in certain areas you can use any of the basic methods, depending on your budget. Thinking in terms of the easier and less expensive methods for those instances where you only need the extensions to last a relatively short period of time.
The bottom line is you MUST research the cost and quality available in your area. Talk to local salons that offer hair extension services and ask for client references for each service type. When you can talk to the actual client who has the extensions, you can get a better sense of what to expect.
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