More Volume for Curly Hair Roots

Drying curly hair with a diffuser for lift
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Q: How can I get more volume to the roots of my hair when using a diffuser? I have naturally curly hair with lots of volume on the middle and ends, but no volume on the roots and that makes it look bad.
A: Many women with naturally curly hair (especially when worn long) have the problem that their hair is flatter at the scalp. This is generally because the weight of the hair pulls the hair down, but can be caused by the direction in which the hair grows out of the scalp.
To combat this, you generally want to use a styling product called root lift spray or volumizing spray. This is generally a pump formula product that is quick-drying and is used in conjunction with your diffused dryer to make your hair stiffer at the scalp so that it stands up better and gives more volume.
Blow-dry your hair as you normally would until it is mostly dry but not completely. It should feel moist rather than damp. If you can take a tissue and lightly touch the hair and wick away moisture, the hair is still too wet. You want to be forced to press the tissue to the head to pull moisture out from the hair.
Then using your fingers, lift a section of the hair in the fingers of one hand (separating the section into thin slices between the fingers) and mist the hair at the scalp using the product you've chosen.
Then while still holding the hair away from the scalp, use your diffuser-attached dryer to finish drying the hair and set the product. Then allow the hair to cool while being held so that you reinforce the lifting action.
Repeat this all over the top of the scalp, and you'll see the difference in moments. Just remember that if you pull the hair too firmly, you'll straighten out the curl at the scalp, so be gentle (unless you want the hair straighter as it emerges).
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