How to Get Spiral Curls

Stylist making spiral curls with a curling iron
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Q: How do I get spiral curls with a curling product?
A: Getting the hair to curl is usually achieved in a number of methods. You can use styling appliances like curling irons, rollers, and even finger styling.
Curling irons are generally the fastest way to add curl to the hair, and while the technique may take some practice to perfect, it's a pretty simple proposition. You can see some basic instructions for creating spiral curls using a curling iron, by looking here.
Using rollers is in some ways simpler, but takes longer to execute. Since the hair must be rolled while wet and plied with product along the spiral roller and allowed to dry in order to set the curl in the hair. The benefit to this is that you can set the hair and do other things while the hair is drying, and the curl results are typically very long-lasting.
The finger-styling method also requires the curls to be set while the hair is wet and plied with product, but simply put, the hair is wrapped in small segments around the finger and bob pins are slid along the finger to clip the hair, then the finger is slid out of the hair's coil. The hair is allowed to dry, the pins are removed and the curls are gently combed through using the fingers.
All of these methods are applicable when the hair has no (or very little) natural wave to it. If your hair is naturally curly, you can often reshape the curls by using a hair styling product and separating the curls individually using your fingers. Smooth the segments of the hair around your fingers until the hair forms coils. Work your way through the entire head and create the look you desire. Allow the hair to "set" by allowing the product to dry completely.
Refresh and redefine the curls through out the day by lightly misting the curls with spray and gently scrunching the hair.
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