Make Curly Hair Looser

Hair curlers
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Q: How can you make curly hair looser with hair curlers? My hair is naturally pretty curly, but I want softer curls. Will curlers help me do this, even if my hair is naturally curly and how do I use them?
A: Actually, unless you want to go with a permanent wave treatment, using curlers as a means to soften a tighter natural curl is a good thing. The trick is selecting a roller that will help you get the size of curl you want.
Your first step should be determining how big your curl is naturally. Do this by winding a lock of hair into a coil, letting it follow its natural bend. Look at the loop this makes and measure the distance across the inside of this loop. That's roughly the diameter of the roller needed to match the size of your curl in a roller set. In order to create looser curls, you want a curler that is larger in diameter than that which would duplicate your hair's normal curl.
Take towel-dried hair and apply a liberal amount of styling product. The specific product depends on your hair and how firm you want the resulting curl. For finer hair textures and softer curls, use a mousse or foam. For hard-to-hold hair or coarser types, use a styling gel or even wax-based product. Gently comb the product through the hair to distribute it evenly.
Take slices of the hair slightly narrower than the curler being used and about as thick as half the diameter of the curler. Wrap the hair carefully on the curler keeping as much tension as is comfortable. Remember that a nice taut wrap gives the best, smoothest curl results. You should also remember that wrapping the hair on curlers takes practice and that you may want assistance to accomplish the style you want. Besides, it's fun to do things with a friend.
Once the hair is wrapped on the curlers and secured into place, you can allow the hair to dry naturally or use a hooded or bonneted dryer to dry the curls. After the hair is dry, allow the curlers and hair to cool down completely before trying to remove the curlers. This will ensure a firm-set curl. And these curls will last until you subject the hair to warmth and moisture again, allowing the hair to return to its normal curl pattern.
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