Smooth Frizzy Hair

Hair before and after smoothing
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Q: I have yet to find a solution for my problem. My hair is wavy and coarse. I do not like the way I look with it straightened, yet I want to grow it. If I try to grow it out, it is frizzy and puffs. Hairstylists have told me to just let it grow and the hair will be weighed down. Not true for me, it is a big frizz ball.
What I want to know is, is there a permanent solution that could be put in my hair to make it soft and keep the wave and body? I have tried every hair care product, and none work! I honestly believe that I need some kind of permanent treatment.
Please help me, I have struggled with this all of my life and I am tired of having short, layered hair. Thank you!

A: Actually, there are technological advances in hair care and styling coming out constantly in today's market. Given the description of the problem you are dealing with, you may want to speak to a local stylist or hair salon manager about the availability of the L'Oréal X-tenso service.
X-tenso is designed to help smooth the hair and remove some of the volume and puffiness caused by frizz. It will smooth the texture of coarse hair allowing it to lie flatter and smoother without removing the wave or curl. The product is especially nice for those who have coarse and curly hair with lots of frizz, since it leaves you with smooth, loose curls.
You may need to do a little searching for a salon who offers the X-tenso service/product line. You can use your local directory assistance, ask for references from your local salon, and/or visit the L'Oréal Professionals website and use the Salon Locator link.
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