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Side Swept Curls

Q: Are side swept curls out of fashion? I love the side swept look for long curly hair, but I don�t see many girls wearing their hair like this. Am I old fashioned with the sideway curls look?
A: Actually, curls are making resurgence again, after the brief flirtation with straight locks dominated for a few seasons. The change they bring with this incarnation is the addition of variety in the size of the curls to affect a more natural-looking curl pattern.
It bothers me sometimes when I hear women feeling "out of touch" because they enjoy a particular hairstyle that is perhaps two or three years old. The fact is that you can enjoy the parts of a style you favor and keep it looking fresh as long as you remember to keep your look evolving.
Taylor Swift with long hair and sideway curls
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Look through your favorite magazines and check out the overall traits of the hairstyles. Are the styles meant to look casual? Sleek? Polished? Or carefully crafted? If the look is meant to be casual and you enjoy side-swept curls, then break the curls up with your fingers and keep the overall finish soft. If the current trend is for highly-polished styles, then keep your curls crisp and clean, while smoothing the passive side of the hair to create a pleasant counterpoint.
If I can offer a parting suggestion, though: remember that the trends that people follow are randomly created by people who decide that something would look good on an individual. The individual gets seen by a large number of people (on television or in movies or magazines) and suddenly lots of people want the look. You too, can be a trendsetter in your own part of the world, just by choosing what looks best on you.
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