Unruly Mane Hairstyle

Hair styled in a mommy ponytail
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Q: I used to have completely straight Asian hair (my mother is Asian, my father is Caucasian), but after the birth of my first child the hair on the back of my head has turned curly/wavy. So now I have straight hair in the front and crown of my head and coarse curly/wavy hair in the back.
Do you have any suggestions on an easy quick hairstyle (except the traditional mommy ponytail) for my unruly mane? My hair is currently just below the shoulders. Thanks.

A: Well, this is a difficult question to answer without additional information, such as face shape, overall build, whether or not you are willing to cut your hair or willing to have texture services performed.
Many of the busy moms I know opt to go for a shorter hairstyle while their children are young and require a lot of attention, then gradually grow it longer again as the children get older. Shorter bob cuts and wash-and-go layered perm styles give them the ease of care they need.
Of course, I do have a couple of friends who chose to keep their original hair length and cope with the long hair while going about their lives raising their kids. In addition to the traditional "Mommy" ponytail, they make full use of such accessories as headbands, combs, barrettes and clips to hold their hair back and give them easy to achieve, comfortable styles that still look good.
Maybe this will work for you: comb or brush the hair from the top and sides of your head back and gather it at the rear crown area in a barrette or elastic band. This will keep the hair out of the way, yet still give you the "length" and benefit of your long hair. The look can be spruced up if desired by adding curl with a curling iron or by being made to lie smooth with a flat iron to straighten the waves in back.
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