Natural Curly Look

Woman with naturally curly hair
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Q: Hi! I am 18 and have naturally curly hair, which is most evident when I wash it. It goes into these lovely looking ringlets. I gently towel-dry my hair so I don't damage the curls but when it dries it has a tendency to go frizzy. Is there any product out there that I can add to my wet hair so my curls remain even when my hair is dry?
I have tried gel and mousse but it made my hair so sticky and tangled that I refrained from using them. I use Dove shampoo that works well but is there any other shampoo that can be used, for example that is left to dry on the hair and is not rinsed off. I just want my hair to adopt the natural curly look when it is dry and not just when wet. Many thanks.

A: You don't want to leave any shampoo on your hair to dry. The purpose of shampoo is to lift away dirt and oils from the hair allowing them to be rinsed away. A shampoo that isn't rinsed away would not clean the hair and scalp.
What you want is a leave-in conditioner to give the hair added moisture, as well as an anti-frizz serum to help keep the hair smooth. Apply these products to your damp, towel-dried hair and gently comb them through with a large-tooth comb. The hair can then be allowed to dry naturally or blown dry using a diffuser attachment on your blow-dryer.
Once dry, you can follow up by lightly misting the hair with hairspray or styling spritz and gently pressing the curls in your fingers to add definition. Then allow the hair to dry once more. This will give you longer-lasting curls and a natural-looking hairstyle.
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