Curly Hair Q&A (2)

Curly black hair
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How do you achieve a quick, cheap, neat and tidy look for 'big' curly hair from wet?
How do you do root to tip pin curls?
How do you get volume in curly hair?
How do I choose the right hairstyle for my thick, curly hair?
How exactly should you start when doing an up style hairdo with curls?
How short should I cut my hair to get rid of my curls?
If you cut curly hair short enough, will it not be curly anymore?
I have curly hair. What would happen if I got side bangs and scrunched or straightened them?
I have extremely thick, curly hair. Should I get it thinned or straightened?
I have naturally curly, fine hair, but what I really want is wavy hair.
I lost my natural curl. Could the thermal iron have been too hot?
I'm having lots of problems with my curly hair. What cut and products do I need?
Is it possible to add curl with styling products without weighing my hair down?
Is it true that Coca Cola will give you beautiful curls?
Is it true that curly hair goes away as we age?
Is there a chance to get my Shirley Temple curls from when I was little back?
Is there any chance that a light crown-only perm could kill my natural curls?
Is there any product to make my frizzy natural curly hair soft and manageable?
Is there any way I can relax my tight and thin curls naturally?
My curly hair goes frizzy very easily. Is it due to my menopause?
My granddaughter seems to be growing out of her naturally curly hair.
My hair went from curly all over to flat down the middle and back. Why?
My naturally curly hair keeps breaking in small pieces when using my flat iron.
Please indicate for me the difference between a roller curl and stand up curl.
Please suggest a replacement for Curl Free Natural Curl Relaxer by White Rain/Gillette.
Should I perm my hair using bigger rods to put tight curls back to the looser curls?
Should people with naturally curly hair have it thinned?
What are the best curling irons?
What can I do to make my curls looks more uniform?
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