Heat-Free Curls

Woman curling her hair with rollers
Photo: Depositphotos
Q: How can I get heat-free curls? I love it when my hair is curly, but I hate to see how it gets damaged when I use heat for styling. How can I curl my hair without the use of heat? I don't want a perm!
A: Well, as we've explained here on Hairfinder many times, the hair contains both physical and chemical side bonds.
The chemical side bonds have to be reconfigured using permanent waving processes, but the physical side bonds are what make it possible to style our hair with styling tools. These side bonds are broken and reformed by the application of heat OR of water.
So, you can set curls into your hair without using heat by simply using a wet roller set. And even better is the fact that you can find rollers to give you a variety of types of curl - from the standard croquignole where the curl is wound over itself, to spiral curls that are evenly sized loops that hang down.
All you have to do is to wash the hair (or simply wet it), apply your favorite styling product and wrap the hair onto the rollers of your choice. Once wrapped, you allow the hair to dry naturally (which will take some time) or you can use a hooded dryer on a cool setting to speed up the process. Once dry, the hair will hold the new curly shape until you shampoo it again or until it gets too moist.
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