Jheri Curl Rollers

Hair with rollers for curl
Photo: Charumuang Yukjon/Shutterstock
Q: Can Jheri Curl rollers be used to curl straight hair to achieve the effect of fine curls?
A: Yes. Easily. You may need to use end wrap papers to wrap the hair smoothly, and you will want to make sure that you allow for additional drying time. Perhaps you will even want to remove the tools and dry the hair further using a cool setting on the hood or bonnet dryer to finish off the style.
The important thing to remember is that the extremely tight curls created with this method will need to be handled carefully. If you break them up too much or treat them too roughly, you will create a puffball effect. You can also create knots and snarls in the hair that can lead to damage and loss of hair.
The curls will also not be stable the way permed curls are, so if the humidity is high, or the hair gets wet, the curls will collapse. In order to get more longevity from the set, use a silicone-based setting lotion or product which will offer some extra shine, and a moisture barrier.
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