Carmen Heated Rollers

Carmen rollers or hot rollers
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Q: I purchased a set of Carmen heated rollers recently. They come with silver pins to hold the rollers in place. Can you tell me how to use the rollers and pins? I can't seem to keep them in place with the pins.
A: Actually this seems a matter of practice. Most of the reviews I've read from new users have expressed that the rollers seemed a bit loose initially, but that they learned better how to secure them for better hold.
The pins traditionally have a straight side and a notched side. Generally, you want to roll the hair onto the roller and end with placement as close to "on base" (on top of the segment you are rolling) as possible. Then while the roller is held taut to the scalp, insert the pin with the straight side toward the scalp so that the pin slide into the segment of hair and the other side glides along the top of the roller and holds the roller securely.
Avoid placing the pins where they will rest on top of a segment of hair. As the hair sets, this will cause a bend in the hair that will be visible. Slipping the pin into the center of the segment at the scalp allows you to use the hair to help make the roller more stable, but avoids visible bends, or roller marks.
As said above, it takes a little practice, but according to most of the user reviews I've seen, once you master the technique, you'll be loving your Carmen rollers for years to come.
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