Tropical Climates & Curly Hair

Woman with curly hair in a tropical climate
Photo: Olhapro/Shutterstock
Q: I used to have straight hair when I was living in Seattle, then I moved to Hawaii and my hair began to curl. Do hot, tropical climates cause hair to become curly?
A: Well, it is a commonly known fact that climate has an effect on the hair. Moving from a cooler climate to one that is warm and humid can easily result in changes to the hair.
The added moisture and heat can cause the hair to expand, becoming frizzier and in the case of people who have some natural curl, cause the hair to curl more.
If the curl in your hair is problematic or unwanted, you'll simply have to adjust your hair care and styling routine to compensate for the added humidity of the environment.
Using a flat iron with strong hold hairspray and styling products should help you get the straight locks you are accustomed to. If you need any advice on using the thermal straightening tools, see our article on the subject, found here.
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