Smoother Curls

Girl blow drying long hair with tight curls
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Q: Hi. I love your site. It is amazing, but please, can you help me: I have very, very tight curls. I love my hair when it is wet because it is relaxed and soft. The curls are relaxed and not tight.
When my hair dries the curls go really tight! I would like to recreate the look of my wet hair when my hair is dry. I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works! Please, please, could you help me?

A: One of the things that often works best in these cases is the use of rinse-through conditioners after shampooing, and daily leave-in conditioners as well as smoothing serums and anti-frizz balms. It often takes multiple hair products used in conjunction to properly weigh down the hair and give the wet-look.
In addition, there is a product/service line available from L'Oréal Professional called X-Tenso, which offers smoother, looser curls for those with high-volume hair. From everything I've read about the products and process, this may be just what you're looking for.
The smoother look and looser curls are one benefit, while one of the most popular features of the service is that it reportedly reduces the amount of time needed to dry the hair.
Finding a hair salon that offers the service in your area may be difficult, since it is relatively new, but you can ask at your local salon about the service and product lines, or visit the L'Oréal Professional website and use their Salon Locator feature. Even if you local salons don't have the X-tenso Products/Services, there are other similar processes by other hair product companies that may offer the same results.
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