Curly Hair and Bangs

Shoulder length curly hair with bangs
Photo: Yana Kallas/Shutterstock
Q: I was wondering if curly haired people can have bangs. And, if so, what would be the right hairstyle?
A: Yes. Curly-haired people can have bangs. In fact, many do. The styles for curly-haired people are as varied as for those with other types of hair, so there isn't necessarily a "right" hairstyle.
The most important thing to remember for giving bangs to a person who has curly hair is to make sure not to cut the bangs too short. Curly hair can shrink as much as 4 inches in length when it dries after being wet for cutting.
You need to make allowances for the shrinkage when you cut the bangs, or you risk having a short puff of curls at the forehead instead of legitimate bangs.
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