Stop Hair from Poofing

Curly hair with poof
Photo: Fotoinfot/Shutterstock
Q: I have curly hair with a lot of poof. How can I stop my hair from poofing?
A: It sounds like the issue is one of a need to alter your styling and maintenance habits.
My first suggestion is to use a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for curly hair, so that your hair gets the level of moisture and cuticle smoothing ingredients it needs. Second, add a smoothing serum or balm to your hair care routine to help keep the cuticle layer smooth and allow the hair to remain manageable and silky-looking.
Finally, avoid over-styling the hair, and don't dry the hair without the use of a diffuser attachment. In my experience, the cases where curly hair is poofy and out of control, are cases where the individual is simply trying too hard to style the hair. Apply your serums and styling gel to the hair while it is still wet, then towel-dry the hair gently, using a pressing and squeezing technique, rather than rubbing the scalp.
Run your fingers through the damp hair or use a wide-tooth comb, to arrange the hair as desired, and when possible, allow the hair to dry naturally. When necessary, use a diffused hair dryer on the hair - preferably an ionic dryer that will help to keep the hair smooth and avoid delivering static charges.
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