Celebrity Hair Q&A (2)

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Is a spiral perm right to achieve a look like Taylor Swift's?
Is Dianna Agron's shab a maintenance-friendly haircut?
Is Gillian Smart's new short haircut maintenance-free?
Is it possible to have Bear Grylls' short hairstyle when you have a core flick?
Is Jennie Garth's new short haircut maintenance-friendly?
Is Jennifer Aniston's long angled haircut good for anyone and will it make you look younger?
Is Kristen Stewart's very short bleached hair clipper cut?
Is there a name for the haircut Kimberly Foster had in Dallas?
I want Janet Jackson's short haircut. What products will I need to keep it in shape?
I want my hair to look like Nicole Richie's. Would this damage my hair?
I was wondering how to describe Eva Mendes' haircut.
I would like white hair, just like Nancy Spungen. Is that possible?
Morena Baccarin's new short blonde hair is lovely. Did she use a special coloring technique?
What are the proper cutting techniques for Meg Ryan's just out of bed look?
What do I need to tell my stylist in order to get Chynna Phillips' hairstyle?
What haircut is Denzel Washington sporting in movies like "Déjà vu"?
What haircut would give more volume at the top, similar to Crystal Bernard's hair?
What is an aggy hairstyle?
What is the best way to get shimmery hair like Missy Peregrym?
What is the exact cut for Lisa Rinna's hairstyle?
What is the face shape for Wendy Raquel Robinson?
What kind of cut is Jared Padalecki's hair and how can I style it?
What kind of face shape do you need to have Victoria Beckham's new bob?
What kind of perm would I need to get my hair the same as Taylor Swift's?
What should I ask my stylist if I want Gwyneth Paltrow's short 'Sliding Doors' cut?
What should I ask my stylist if I want Keira Knightley's new short hairstyle?
Where can I get good human hair extensions like Rihanna's or Jada Pinkett Smith's?
Why does queen Letizia of Spain look better with short hair?
Why is Amber Rose bald?
Will Jenny McCarthy's new bob cut soften a strong jaw line?
Would Dorota Gardias' short haircut suit any face shape?
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