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Meg Ryan's just out of be look hair
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Q: I have thick and wavy (loose curls) hair and just recently got my hair cut in a Meg Ryan short, tousled, just out of bed look. I am wondering what the proper cutting techniques are for that style. After a couple of days and my hair settled into the style after the cut, I am very disappointed with it. I would like to go elsewhere and try again, but I do not want to go through the disappointment again. As you can imagine, I am anxiously hesitant.
I did not think that the layers were appropriate because the shorter top ones poof out giving a helmet look. The cut was a wash, add product, and out the door. One where the style was "built into" the haircut so that additional styling was not necessary. I had a haircut in this style once before where, without me doing anything, the style was evident. This one takes an ugly shape, and I must work at giving to give it the wanted style and to hide the ugliness.
Instead of cutting straight across to give layers, should it have been cut with the angled cuts where you just push the scissors in and out (usually the ends)? Then should it have been randomly razored at different lengths? Also, should it have been thinned out on the top, by taking random chunks out - going straight up into it, not across, to take thickness out? Thank you so much in advance for your response. I can't wait to get this "mushroom" off my head and have what I asked for. Your response is eagerly awaited.

A: Well, as I cannot see your actual cut, it is impossible for me to assess whether or not I think your hair was improperly cut for the style you want. In fact, I have no idea of specifically which hairstyle you are specifically speaking of.
While all of Meg Ryan's hairstyles tend toward shorter, box-layered, and choppy looks, there have been several different looks and knowing a specific era or being able to reference a photo is important in making a judgement.
That being said, I can address some of the issues you mention. It sounds like the majority of your issues stem from too much bulk in the hair. Given the texture and wave pattern of the hair you describe, you could probably benefit from having your hair thinned with thinning shears, and textured by performing steep notching into the hair.
Meg Ryan's bed head look
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If you are truly unhappy with the haircut, I suggest you visit another hairstylist and ask him/her to assess the cut you were given. Be sure to explain EXACTLY what you want, and it would be best for you to bring a photo of the style you would like to have, since many of the most commonly used terms for hair cuts and styles are subjective.
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