Wendy Raquel Robinson's Hairstyle

Wendy Raquel Robinson with long and short hair
Wendy Raquel Robinson - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
Q: I was just wondering, What is the face shape for Wendy Raquel Robinson? I'm trying to get my hair cut in a similar fashion and want to know if the style would fit my face. I have an oval face.
A: Wendy Raquel Robinson has an elongated oval face, and a fairly high forehead. The forehead issue is why nearly all the hairstyles she's worn in recent years have featured bangs of some sort.
The bangs serve to shorten the appearance of her face and make it appear more truly oval. She also generally sports hairstyles that have more volume at the sides to give the face a wider appearance.
You don't specify which of Wendy Raquel Robinson's hairstyles you wish to emulate, but it doesn't really matter - if you have an oval shaped face. The oval face shape is considered the esthetic ideal and can support any hairstyle equally well, provided it is in balance with the body type and general build. Since you have an oval face shape, you should be fine with any of Ms. Robinson's hairstyles.
If you are uncertain that your face is indeed oval shaped, or for those readers who want to determine the shape of their faces easily, here's a simple method for doing so. Pull the hair back from the face with a ponytail elastic or with pins and clips. Next, stand in front of your bathroom mirror and use a bar of soap to carefully trace the outline of your face from the front hairline to the chin and back up along the other side of the face.
Once this is done make small horizontal lines to denote the position of your eyes, brows, nose and mouth. Doing this will more readily enable you to gauge the shape of your face and see the balance of your features.
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