Victoria Beckham's Bob

Victoria Beckham's angled bob
Victoria Beckham - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
Q: What kind of face shape do you need to have Victoria Beckham's bob? And, would you need to put wax or any other products on it or would I just be able to straighten it?
A: Well, the style Ms. Beckham had would not be advisable for a client who has a heavy or strong jaw line (such as with a triangular face), and would be equally unsuited for a truly round face. Most of the other face shapes could sport this style fairly well (with slight modifications in some cases).
Ms. Beckham herself appears to have an inverted triangle face. The cut lines of this style are great for balancing her narrower chin area.
As to the question of styling this cut, that's going to depend on the needs of your hair type. If your hair is naturally sleek and straight you can probably get by with simply blow-drying using a round brush. If your hair is wavy, you will need to use a flat-iron and smoothing serum.
Victoria Beckham with her hair cut in an angled bob
Victoria Beckham - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
If you have another hair type, you have to deal with it according to its needs. For example, very curly hair would probably need to be blown straight, treated with serum and flat-ironed, and even plied with pomade to keep it smooth.
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