How to Cut Jared Padalecki's Hairstyle

How to cut a shaggy men's hairstyle with layering
Q: Okay so my question is about what kind of cut Jared Padalecki's hair is: whether it's longer on one side or not, and how to style it the way he has it styled.
Do you have a diagram for Jared Padalecki (as Clay from "Friday 13th") regarding the cut length and style? Thanks for any answer given.

A: Actually, Jared's haircut is pretty simple. The top section is cut with uniform layering and long length to create a shaggy. The guide length is determined by the length of the bangs and any recreation of the look for another person should start with setting this length from which the other lengths will be determined.
The top section's length also sets the point for a weight line, which follows a slight curve around the head, dipping at the ears and leveling out at the occipital bone. The weight line also gives the guide length for the upper portion of the sides and the crown area.
The hair on the upper sides is gathered up, held at approximately ear level (creating a semi-triangular shape in the lock of hair by directing the upper hairs downward) and cut vertically to layer the hair smoothly.
Jared Padalecki hair
Jared Padalecki - Photo by PR Photos
The lower half of the sides and the nape section are gathered up in slices and elevated with some overdirection to the same point of the weight line, where these sections are also cut vertically.
Follow up by cleaning up the perimeter and cutting the outline desired and texturing it with a point-cutting technique to create feathering and a soft line. The cut works really well for hair with body and a little wave, since it allows the soft curves to shine through.
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