Taylor Swift's Hair

Taylor Swift with curls
Taylor Swift - Photo by PR Photos
Q: My hair is about the same length as Taylor Swift's hair. It is natural dark brown and wavy. I was wondering what it would take to get my hair the same as Taylor Swift's.
What kind of perm would I need to get and how much damage would it cause? How long would it last? I attached a picture of how I'd like my hair, minus the blonde.

A: It looks to me that Taylor Swift's hairstyle would be best achieved by using a spiral wrap technique. If you use the traditional perm formulas, you will likely need to refresh the service every three months or so, depending on the condition of the hair and the rate of hair growth.
Your stylist can recommend a perm formula suited to your hair type and which should be very mild to the hair. With proper after-care, you should be very pleased with the results.
Given the specifics of the styling in the photo, I am inclined to think that Taylor's hair may have been curled with the Digital Perm service, which combines elements of the Thermal Reconditioning with the "vintage" method of using heated rods to create permanent wave results.
This service isn't widely available yet, but if you live in a large metropolitan area (or near one), you may well be able to find a salon that has the service available. (The service requires specialized equipment: namely a machine which directs current through metal rods around which the hair is wound in order to heat them to suitable temperatures.)
Taylor Swift with long permed hair
Taylor Swift - Photo by PR Photos
Taylor Swift with her long hair styled in curls
Taylor Swift - Photo by PR Photos
Taylor Swift with curly long hair
Taylor Swift - Photo by PR Photos
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