Jennie Garth's Short Haircut

Jennie Garth's new short haircut
Jennie Garth - Photos by PR Photos
Q: I love Jennie Garth's short haircut! I think it's a great hairstyle and she looks a lot younger. What is the name of this hairstyle?
I'm bored with my own long hair and plan to go for the chop too. Before I take along her photo to my hairdresser I would like to know whether or not this is a maintenance-friendly haircut.

A: As hairstyles go, this one isn't too terribly difficult to maintain, but you do need to be aware that the various lengths in the cut at different points on the head mean that you need to make sure the stylist you use is one you plan to stay with for maintenance cuts.
The hair in different parts of the head may grow at different rates, and therefore the cut will not grow out evenly. You want your stylist to be very comfortable with your look and be able to keep it on track to enable you to keep the hairstyle looking fresh.
Of course, if you are referring to "styling" when you say maintenance, then you can pretty well rest easier. The hairstyle is pretty easy to achieve once the cut is appropriate. If it's rough going at first, you can be assured that a little practice will have you all set in no time.
Finally, as for the cut and maintaining said cut, I would advise that you have your stylist use your cell phone (most come with cameras these days) to take photos of your new haircut from several different angles and views. That way, when you come back in for a maintenance cut, you can simply allow him or her to review the photos and refresh his/her memory as to precisely how the hair was cut.
Jennie Garth with short hair
Jennie Garth - Photos by PR Photos
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