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Kathryn Morris hair
Kathryn Morris - Photos by PR Photos
Q: I have a question about a haircut that would give me volume at the top but still have long length. I loved Crystal Bernard's hair on "Wings" because her length was long with bangs and lots of volume at the top. She must have had layers because the top blended with the rest of her hair. Did she have layers at the crown to achieve this look? Do you know what kind of haircut would give me this look?
I am unable to find a picture of her cut to take to my stylist. Kathryn Morris recently had a similar style before she cut it short and Tamara Feldman has long hair with bangs and volume. I would love either of these hairstyles. Currently my hair is 2-3 inches past my shoulders with a few grown out layers and bangs at the front and totally flat at the crown. Can you help?

A: Well, all three of the ladies you mentioned (at the points you describe) did have layered cuts. In fact the haircuts appeared mostly cut with a razor-tool since the layers blended nicely and were very soft. The secret to the looks these women have shared are in the fact that they knew how to style the hair to get this effect.
In order to get the lift and volume at the crown area of your head, you should consider two options. Either use large rollers to set your hair at the top and crown areas for added volume in those areas, or once you have the cut you desire, be sure to use a volumizing mousse or gel in your hair and blow dry your hair with your head inverted or by holding the hair up from the scalp to give you plenty of lift in the scalp area.
Tamara Feldman hair
Tamara Feldman - Photos by PR Photos
These tips can help you get the lift you want in your hair, but remember that it all starts with a good cut. Depending on the texture and weight of your hair, you will need to have layers, and your stylist can help you determine how those layers should be executed. Generally speaking, though, you will probably want razor-cut layers to ensure smooth blending.
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