Bear Grylls Hairstyle & A Core Flick

Bear Grylls hair
Bear Grylls - Photos by PR Photos
Q: I'd like to have a short hairstyle like Bear Grylls. My barber says that I have something called a core flick on my bangs and that I can't have it any shorter because it will just stick up all the time.
It's annoying because I hate having bangs. It just gets in the way. Is there any way that I could have the hairstyle I actually want?

A: It sounds to me like you may be in need of some specialized styling products, such as a wax-based pomade in order to control your hair once it is cut to the shorter length. For some people, the growth patterns like cowlicks and core flicks do mean that shorter styles are problematic.
However, there are different products that can help in many cases. For some, strong-hold gels are all that's required, while coarser hair textures need even stiffer hold. These wax-based pomades and balms offer a lot of holding power and may be sufficient for your hair.
There is another option that may not be something your barber can help you with, but which is a process in use to help folks deal with odd growth patterns in their hair (whorls, cowlicks, etc.) which may be of use to you here. Some stylists have noted success in dealing with troublesome growth patterns by using permanent wave solutions to reshape the hair and cause it to lie in a different – more preferred – direction.
Some barbers don't offer chemical texture services, so you may need to contact a cosmetologist at a regular salon, if you want to go that route (and if the pomade doesn't work for you).
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