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Dianna Agron's Shab Haircut

Q: I told my hairdresser that I am tired of my bob and her advice was to get a “shab”, similar to Dianna Agron’s new haircut. Is this the official name for this hairstyle? Is it a maintenance-friendly haircut?
A: I don’t know if it’s the “official” name or not, since most haircuts develop different names from region to region, but “shab” is likely a blend of “shag” and “bob” or meant as an abbreviation of a “shabby” cut.

The cut is pretty easy to create and takes a classic bob and adds tons of razor-cut internal layers to give a hazy, roughness or “shabbiness” to the finished look. The result is an edgy look that is diffuse and has that carefree air. While not suited for a lot of folks, it’s a look that can definitely work for the younger crowd.
  • Bob with razor-cut internal layers - Dianna Agron
  • Easy to create and carefree haircut - Dianna Agron
  • Side and back view of Dianna Agron's razored haircut
  • Dianna Agron's new short hairstyle
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