Gillian Smart's New Short Haircut

Gillian Smart with short hair
Q: My husband loves Gillian Smart's new short haircut and now he is trying to convince me to cut my hair short too. That surprises me because he always loved my long hair and would never let me cut it shorter. I'm a brunette too and my hair is just over shoulder-length. Actually, I do resemble her.
I always wanted to try out shorter hairstyles but since he preferred me with long hair I never did. I would love to know what it feels like to have really short hair and I'm ready for it. I want to surprise him with a makeover.
I think Gillian looks very good with her pixie style with the ear cut out. Is it a low-maintenance hairstyle, though? Are there any tips you can give me before I get my hair cut short? I want my look to be cute, rejuvenating and maintenance-free.

A: Gillian Smart's gamine, pixie-cut is indeed a very low-maintenance hairstyle. The fact is, when dealing with shorter hair, the length of time needed to maintain and style the hair is reduced dramatically. This is simply by virtue of the fact that there is less hair with which to fuss.
The short, simple cut is very likely to be a wash and go hairstyle for you. You may want to use a small amount of smoothing balm or styling product, and depending on exactly how short you take it, you can always opt for a slightly more involved style.
Gillian Smart
Most of the women I know who have their hair cut as short as Gillian's simply shampoo and condition their hair in the morning, put their styling gel into the hair while it's still wet, then towel-dry the hair to remove the excess moisture. After this, they run their fingers through their hair to style it then allow it to finish drying naturally.
I think you're going to find that once you go with the short haircut, the amount of time you spend on your hair will depend largely on how much time you WANT to spend on it.
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