Queen Letizia's Hair

Queen Letizia of Spain - Bob haircut
Queen Letizia of Spain - Photo by PR Photos
Q: Queen Letizia of Spain cut her hair short, and she looks younger than before. What are the elements in the haircut that make her look better? Will it work on anyone? I just want to make sure before I copy her look and cut my own hair off.
A: Her hair has been cut from a long bob that has been slightly texturized along the tips, to a chin length blunt-cut bob without any texturing or thinning out technique used. Have a look at the below photos. The elements that made this work for her are the following:
The chin length bob is very flattering to her oval face shape. She has a strong jawline, a slightly pointed chin and high cheekbones. She is thin, thus the outline of her profile is very distinctive and characteristic. The length of the bob enhances the silhouette of her facial profile as its tips are on par with the outline of the jawline, making for a balanced and very flattering cut.
You'll also notice that her hair is reasonably lighter in the last photo with the chin length bob, compared to the longer hair. It appears that her stylist increased the number of thinly sliced highlights, while also lifting the blonde from an almost golden blonde to a vanilla-ash blonde. The stylist also used lowlights in a medium ash-brown to add dimension and movement to the hair. The lighter hair makes her look younger as her complexion and eyes are light.
She has very distinctive facial features such as big, beautiful eyes, a distinguishing, strong profiled nose, and a wide, attractive mouth. Her unique facial features are enhanced with the shorter hair. As there is less hair and bulk to detract the eye from her beautiful face, her whole face opens up and is showcased in stunning relief by the chin length bob.
Queen Letizia of Spain's hair makeover
Queen Letizia of Spain - Photos by PR Photos
Queen Letizia with short hair
Queen Letizia of Spain - Photo by PR Photos
Also note the little flyaway hair on top of her head in the first two photos. This is usually a sign of increased hair loss due to change of season, increased stress or over-styled or over-processed hair. In the third picture, you can't see these flyaways. These little hairs give a tired, haggard, worn out appearance, which undoubtedly made her look older.
Her stylist probably got rid of this by giving her hair an intensive keratin Brazilian blow dry. This is a chemical process where keratin protein is attached to the hair shaft, and sealed there by using heat techniques. The whole process takes about six hours to be performed by a professional stylist, and it lasts up to three months. The result is ultra shiny, strong, straight and healthy looking hair with increased gloss and protection.
In combination with this, the stylist probably used a silicone-based smoothing serum to smooth down the hair, keep it from being affected by humidity or other unwanted elements in the air.
Also note that she keeps her make-up very natural and fresh-faced, while her skin is extremely well maintained. Her teeth are also whitened to complete her youthful appearance, while still looking impeccably stylish and classic.
She combines all the right elements with the perfect balance and poise to tip the scales in her favor, maintaining that stunningly impressive look.
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