Jennifer Aniston's Long Angled Hair

Side view of Jennifer Aniston's long angled hair
Jennifer Aniston - Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
Q: I love the side view of Jennifer Aniston's long hair. Is this angled cut good for anyone or do you need to have a certain face shape? Will it make a person look younger or older? Is it a difficult haircut to create? I don't want my hairdresser to destroy my long hair!
A: This cut is generally going to work with most face shapes except those who are really long-faced.
The straight length with low volume will emphasize the vertical line and makes the long face appear even longer and thinner. It is great for those with wide or rounded faces, and those who have triangular faces who need to be able to balance the shapes with a vertical focus.
As for younger or older, be sure to think carefully, if the hair is thinning from age or has other textural problems, the look won't be as flattering and should be avoided, since it will make you look older; as long as your hair is dense and in good condition you should be able to wear the cut with little problem.
Jennifer Aniston's long angled haircut
Jennifer Aniston - Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
The cut is actually very easy to create and is one that most stylists learn very early in their careers. By combing the hair forward on each side of the central parting, the terminal length at the 'fringe' is set, as is the terminus of the longest lengths.
Then the hair is brought forward and cut so that the leading edge of the hair tapers in textured layers. The result is a style with lots of movement and softness along the forward edge of the style.
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